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Device Listens to HVAC to Prevent Failure - Augury - Facility Management Product Release

Device Listens to HVAC to Prevent Failure: Augury

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The Auguscope listens to HVAC machines, analyzes data and vibrations and catches developing malfunctions before issues arise enabling facility managers to deploy cost-effective and scalable predictive maintenance strategies. The portable device attaches to a variety of mechanical equipment including heating and air conditioning systems, pumps, fans, chillers and more.

The Auguscope’s technology is supported by iPhone and Android apps, where users can access a list of their facility’s machines and see their latest health statuses. Once attached, the Auguscope listens to a machine and generates actionable diagnostics with maintenance recommendations to optimize future health. A report can generate results to allow users to track repairs, add observations, and include photographs of their inventory of equipment for easy record-keeping. Military grade, IP-67 certified.


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posted: 12/12/2016