Saving Energy With Total Light Management

About the Presenter

Glenn D. Hughes
President, Glenn Hughes Consulting Associates

Director of Construction, The New York Times Company
during design, installation and commissioning of The New York Times Building

Glenn Hughes recently retired from The New York Times after 18 years of service. During his final 8 years as Director of Construction and later as Managing Director of Construction, he directed the design, pre-purchasing, construction, testing and commissioning of The New York Times new headquarters building in Manhattan, and other commercial office buildings and printing plant projects around the USA. The Times successfully moved into the new headquarters building in June '07 on schedule with the Grand Opening held November 19, 2007. He now provides consulting and project management services with special emphasis on energy efficiency.

As a strong proponent of energy efficiency, Mr. Hughes has incorporated a number of innovative energy efficient systems in recent commercial building projects. These include cogeneration, under floor air distribution, automated shade controls and a lighting controls system that features digital addressable dimmable ballasts and daylighting. He spearheaded a brand new approach to commissioning total light management and under floor air distribution systems utilizing mobile data collection and analytical tools to field measure the performance of these energy efficient systems. This commissioning both prior to and during occupancy has resulted in systems that truly live up to their promise of energy savings and occupant comfort.

He is participating on one national energy-related committee, High Performance Building Facades Advisory Committee at the invitation of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Building Technologies Division. He has worked closely with LBNL for the last 5 years supporting field laboratory studies, developing commissioning tools and verifying the performance of automated facade management systems for commercial buildings.

Mr. Hughes joined The New York Times Company in 1990 as a technical manager with a background in engineering and economics. He was assigned responsibility for developing a proactive building and production equipment maintenance program and for creating a continuous improvement culture at the state-of-the-art Plant in Edison, NJ.

Prior to joining The New York Times Company, Mr. Hughes was a principal engineer at the architectural and engineering firm of Chas. T. Main, Inc., with his primary assignment as resident engineer for the construction of the Times' Edison plant. He also worked as a Project Manager at ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia for ten years building high voltage power systems.

Saving Energy With Total Light Management