Carpet Specification:
Getting it Right from the Ground Up

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 1:00 p.m. Eastern

Choice is a good thing, and when it comes to carpet, facility managers have it very good, indeed: The wide array of styles, fiber composition and colors mean and almost endless range of options for a variety of building applications. Combine that variety with the additional benefits of enhanced sustainability via recycling and reuse, improved acoustics, thermal savings, non-slip safety and ease of maintenance, and carpet becomes a key building asset.

Without proper specification and maintenance, however, carpet may not live up to its performance expectations, which in turn can jeopardize facility budgets and create an environmental problem when a failed floor covering is relegated to the landfill sooner than anticipated.

In this webcast, presented by Lew Migliore, president of LGMTCS and Associates, attendees will learn the keys to proper carpet specification, and gain a thorough understanding of how to properly assess their facilities for successful carpet installations that performs up to (and even beyond) expectations throughout its life cycle.

This webcast will detail:

The construction and application of a variety of carpet types

Proper carpet selection for optimum performance value

How to evaluate the longevity of color fiber construction, texture and design

The correct way to install and maintain the product

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