The Art of Competitive Bidding and Negotiations - Premium Webcast From BOM and FMD
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The Art of Competitive Bidding and Negotiations

When you begin the bidding process for any of your projects, the single most important component is a properly prepared set of specifications. View this webcast and find out why specifications are so important, and what to look for to ensure you are getting best possible pricing without sacrificing quality. You will also learn about the many important steps that support successful bids.

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Learning objectives include:

Understand the difference between getting quotes and a competitive bid process

Define the four main specification writing formats

Discuss how to prepare a project manual

Strategies for the competitive bid process

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Nick O'Hare

Nick O’Hare
Quality Manager

Mr. O'Hare has been involved with managing numerous building envelope and paving projects in the corporate, health care, higher education, and K-12 industries. As Quality Manager he focuses on understanding customers' needs and designing educational programs to meet those needs. He prides himself in his commitment to achieving ultimate customer satisfaction, and providing value through all StructureTec programs. Mr. O'Hare is actively involved in NFMT, IFMA, ASBO, CURT and ASHE.

The Art of Competitive Bidding and Negotiations
Available On-Demand • $129