Maintenance Solutions Webcast: Portable Heating and Cooling

What you need to know to prepare your facility for any pandemic right on your desktop!

The swine flu (H1N1) outbreak has proven fatal, and its aggressive spread has created international concern. With confirmed cases increasing on an hour by hour basis, heath officials around the world are taking various measures to manage this, including closing public buildings, stockpiling antiviral medications, and limiting international travel.

So how should facility managers here in the U.S. prepare for the days, weeks and months ahead? This Webinar archive, featuring David A. Casavant, executive director of the Workplace Safety Awareness Council, addresses the business continuity and building operations considerations of a Swine Flu outbreak, and the response necessary to minimize the impact on your facility and its occupants.

Here's what you will learn:

Key components of an emergency response plan
The importance of local, state and federal health agency decisions
Steps to create an effective response team
Security considerations during a an outbreak
How to approach cleaning and maintenance protocols before, during and after an outbreak

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