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Leveraging Synergies: Smart, Energy Efficient, Sustainable Buildings

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A recent survey of facility executives indicates significant use of smart building strategies: Measures that improve the productivity of people and processes in buildings and lead to better decisions, based on actionable information, for improvements to the facility.

It's no surprise that the same survey also showed most facility executives are implementing energy efficiency and sustainability strategies.

What's often missing, however, is fully leveraging smart building measures and strategies to improve energy and sustainability performance. That's a missed opportunity: Smart building measures can play an important role in achieving energy and sustainability goals.

Attend this webcast to learn about the synergies between smart buildings, energy efficiency and sustainability — and why a developing a smart building strategy (accompanied by even wider use of smart building measures) can drive improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Webcast learning objectives include:

  • Review facility executives' plans for smart building upgrades
  • Understand how smart building measures can help achieve goals for energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Learn about integration as a key to a smart building strategy
  • Examine the roles of different departments in developing smart building strategies

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