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Green Restrooms: Keys to Conservation in Restrooms

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Restrooms are emerging as key opportunities to save energy and increase sustainability, thanks to innovations in plumbing fixtures, hand dryers, paper products and dispensers. As a result, there's a renewed focus on the specification and maintenance of these key elements within restrooms. Facility managers who act quickly to locate key conservation measures throughout restrooms will generate savings for their organizations, and increase operating efficiency in the process.

In this Webcast, you will learn critical specification considerations for these product areas and gain a thorough understanding of the necessary steps to manage restrooms that offer both greater sustainability and lower costs.

From this webcast, you will learn:

  • How plumbing fixtures and hand dryers contribute to an energy- and water-savings plan
  • Maximizing the efficacy of paper products, dispensers and cleaning chemicals
  • Best practices in restroom design and operation

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