Building Operating Management | Green Interiors Webcast

If you've already received the 'go green' directive from senior management, you are well aware of the time and effort required to research sustainable options for interior renovation or new construction projects.

And that's why you need to attend this Webcast.

Investigate green options now so that any future interior design project is manageable, successful, and - most importantly - green.

Presented by Deborah Fuller, Sustainability Specialist with HOK, and moderated by Building Operating Management assistant editor Lacey Muszynski, this 60-minute Webcast will show you how taking a sustainable approach to interior design can save energy, boost productivity, decrease your organization's environmental impact and extend the life cycle of your building.

Additional coverage includes:

•    How sustainable design positively affects the environment, your building and its occupants

•    A roadmap for planning all aspects of a sustainable commercial interior

•    A discussion of industry programs that are defining 'green'

•    How the U.S. Green Building's LEED rating system applies to interior projects

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Deborah Fuller

Deborah Fuller,
Sustainability Specialist,

    About Deborah Fuller

Deborah Fuller, IIDA, LEED AP, is the HOK Sustainable Leader for the Dallas office. She has over 29 years of experience in corporate and commercial interior design with extensive experience working with clients to determine their programmatic requirements and workplace change management. Fuller attended Texas Tech University and has a bachelor's degree in interior design. She works closely with clients, consultants, contractors and vendors, and consults both architectural and interior teams on sustainability. As a LEED accredited professional, Fuller has extensive experience with sustainable design, LEED documentation, teaching, training and consulting. She has an in-depth knowledge of sustainable interior finishes, material and resources, furniture systems, case goods, seating and other products, including custom sources. The USGBC selected her as one of 10 LEED accredited professionals to write the LEED CI 2.0 exam.

Lacey Muszynski

Lacey Muszynski,
Assistant Editor,
Building Operating