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FM Complaints: Beyond Fighting Fires

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The facilities department interacts with all aspects of an organization, and so catches the flak for just about everything that goes wrong. A steady stream of complaints fills each FMs inbox everyday. In this highly interactive webinar, a panel of industry experts will offer insight on strategies for handling common complaints faced by facility managers. The discussion will also cover how to move beyond simply fighting fires all day and capitalize on how occupant complaints can serve as opportunities to evolve the role of facility management in the organization. You will have a chance to join the conversation and trouble shoot your own particular sticky situations in a Q&A with the panel.

Learning objectives:

  1. Review common situations FMs are faced with and discuss strategies for dealing with them
  2. Acquire the tools to unpack what complaints are really about
  3. Approach situations as opportunities to raise the bar
  4. Learn how to provide good customer service without getting stuck in a negative outlook

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