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Ensuring Predictable HVACR and Water Heating Energy Use via the AHRI Certification

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The current economic state of the commercial building market has resulted in increased pressure to cut costs by reducing energy use. In this webcast, participants will learn how AHRI Certified® HVACR and water heating equipment can provide more predictable performance over the life of a building, resulting in energy savings and cost efficiency. The webcast will detail the specifics behind the 75-year-, third-party testing program and how to find AHRI Certified products using the AHRI Directory of Certified Product Performance.

Learning objectives:

  1. Analyze how AHRI certified HVACR products provide more predictable performance over the life of a building
  2. Differentiate "certified" equipment from "rated" equipment
  3. Review the elements of AHRI’s certification program
  4. Understand how to use the AHRI Directory
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