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Energy Optimization Strategies for Facilities

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Innovation in building energy optimization; from exciting futuristic technology to ways of thinking about a building that will change the way we live, work and play. What are the cutting edge opportunities that can make buildings smarter and even net zero? What ideas can be used from these innovators on your building? We will inspire you with new ideas around gathering, verifying, tracking and reporting building performance that will get everyone excited about operating savings.

Learning Objective #1

Participants will be able to identify the areas of change in the green building marketplace that are making meaningful impacts to energy consumption. At the end of the webcast participants will be able to articulate positive narratives about the careful choices to decision makers.

Learning Objective #2

Participants will understand how the choices they make in the capital improvement process can positively impact the net profits of their building. At the end of the webcast participants will be able to communicate the value proposition of energy investments.

Learning Objective #3

Participants will understand the impact of innovating on their standard operating procedures. At the end of the webcast participants will have new resources around sourcing technologies and systems for their buildings.

Learning Objective #4

Participants will understand the value in the metadata of information around their buildings. At the end of the webcast participants will be able to understand how to analyze large amounts of energy data, synthesize it into meaningful information that they can action and improve performance.

Presented By:

Thulasi Narayan
Thulasi Narayan
LEED AP, Manager
Paladino and Company

Thulasi Narayan is a manager with Paladino and Company. Thulasi works with clients and project teams to identify sustainability strategies with the best return on investment, utilizing her expertise in building design and performance optimization to enable knowledge-based decision making. Thulasi conducts energy, natural ventilation, thermal and daylight modeling using a number of simulation tools such as IES, eQUEST, Radiance and RadTherm. She also performs feasibility and performance studies on innovative HVAC and mechanical systems, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and a host of other green building strategies, along with detailed cost of ownership analysis.

Thulasi has built several user-friendly Excel-based tools that allow owners to select and compare energy conservation measures and assess payback based on their capex budgets. She also creates digital tools specifically focused on sales for green building product manufacturers, enabling sales staff to compare carbon and financial performance metrics to guide product selection and demonstrate performance against competitive products.

Dev DuRuz
Dev DuRuz
Senior Consultant
Paladino and Company

Dev DuRuz is a senior consultant for Paladino and Company, an internationally recognized green building and sustainability consulting firm. With over 30 years of experience, Dev is a seasoned benchmarking, commissioning, building automation, temperature controls, M&V, analytics and auditing expert, and provides firm-wide leadership over all commissioning activities.

Dev oversees the continuous improvement and standardization of best practices for commissioning and M&V across the company, and provides ongoing mentorship to Paladino's teams of technical specialists. Ultimately, Dev’s role is to ensure the firm's clients are provided with rigorous testing procedures and best-in-class knowledge to meet their project's performance requirements. His experience also includes end user testing to help his clients operate their buildings for optimum performance and maximum benefits.

Moderated by:
Wendy Dietzler, Vice President, Education & Conferencing

Just $129

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For those attendees who successfully complete a learning outcomes assessment, Trade Press Media Group is authorized by IACET to offer 0.1 CEUs for this program. Please review the requirements to earn CEUs.