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A New Sustainable Roofing Certification for FM Professionals

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The RoofPoint ™ Sustainable Roofing Rating System is the leading assessment and certification program for environmentally innovative roofing systems across North America. Based on the success of RoofPoint, the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (CEIR) is pleased to announce the launch of a new professional certification program to complement the RoofPoint rating system: The RoofPoint™ Registered Professional (RRP). The mission of the RRP program is to develop and qualify a group of experienced specialists who have demonstrated their ability to apply the sustainable principles of RoofPoint and achieve RoofPoint approval for their roofing assets. The RRP program is targeted to serve a broad cross section of building professionals, including design professionals, contractors and facility managers.

This webcast presents the key elements of the RRP program, including eligibility requirements and application procedures as well as a sample of the on-line RRP qualifying examination required for certification. In addition, the webcast discusses the types of services that may be provided by RRPs, including specification assistance, evaluation of sustainable roofing strategies, and confirmation of achievement of RoofPoint credits and ratings.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover how the RoofPoint™ Registered Professional (RRP) program helps build expertise and professionalism in sustainable roofing
  • Explore the RRP Program Manual and learn how experienced roofing professionals can qualify for certification
  • Learn how the RRP program can be used to assist facility managers in making sustainable roofing decisions and validating their sustainable roofing choices
  • Learn how make an application to the RRP program and prepare for the RRP qualifying examination

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