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*HVAC Upgrades: Justification via Life Cycle Analysis


*Purpose-Driven Maintenance: Getting More Done for Less

*Make Your Building (and Employees) Work Smarter: The Power of Workplace Experience Apps

*Rules of Engagement: Managing Roofing Projects



*What Does It Take to Comply with NFPA 70E 2018













*Driving High Performance and Patient Satisfaction in Today's Hospital

*Critical Facility Power Failures: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention

*Lessons Learned from Running the World's Largest Data Centers

*Best Practices for Optimizing VRF Technology in Your Facility

*Rectifying Chronic Lapses in Critical Facility Operations

*Saving Money with Building IoT

*Benihana’s Recipe for FM Success: Best Practices in Managing a Multi-brand Restaurant Chain

*How Technology Impacts Fire/Life Safety Systems: Knowing When to Upgrade

*Don't get burned! 5 Major Misperceptions in Data Center Cooling Management.

*Tips for Back to School Energy Savings

*Achieving IT/OT Convergence in Highly Connected Buildings

*7 Steps to a Risk Free Capital Project

*A Simpler Path to Smart Energy Management with IoT

*How Do You Know It's Time to Reroof?

*Reducing TCO and Operational Costs of Portable Cooling Units

*How Facility Data Drives Performance and Investments

*HVAC Upgrades: The Benefits of VAV, VRF and VFD Systems

*Roof Coatings: LEED v4 and the Benefits of Roof Coatings

*Leveraging & Protecting Your IoT & Big Data Investments

*2017 Energy Rebates: Big Changes and What FMs Need to Know

*How the Internet of Things Changes a Facility Manager's Approach to HVAC

*How Combining LEDs and Lighting Controls Will Change Lighting Forever

*Making Predictive Maintenance Work in Your Facilities

*Variable Flow Technology: Best Practices in Specification

*When and Where to use Fiber in the Building

*NFPA 70B: Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Equipment

*Repair, Recover or Replace? Understanding Roofing Options

*Portable Cooling Applications and Considerations

*NFPA 70E - Arc Flash Mitigation Strategies

*The Many Benefits of Reflective Roof Coatings

*How the Building Internet of Things Will Impact FMs

*Fire and Life Safety Systems: Planning for Performance

*Choosing and Evaluating LED Options for Your Building

*Solutions for Total Building System Integration

*Comprehensive Water Conservation Strategies for Commercial Buildings

*Your Roof Tune-Up: Strategies for Summer and Beyond

*Advances in Lighting Controls: A Facilities Update

*Data Center Cooling 2015 - Moving at Warp Speed

*The Benefits of Using Portable Air Conditioners: Cooling IT Equipment, People and Processes

*The Data Center Hybrid Solution

*Realizing the Potential of Building Controls

*Arc Flash Standards Update: Addressing the Latest Requirements of NEC, NFPA 70E, and OSHA

*Keys to Successful Sustainable Interior Projects

*How the Building Internet of Things Will Impact FMs

*Sustainable and Energy Efficient Roof Systems

*BOM/FMD Webcast: Office Design - Rethinking the Office

*Optimizing Your Energy Management System

*Arc Flash: NFPA 70E and OSHA Requirements

*In Case of Emergency: How Building Systems Make Facilities More Resilient

*What Every FM Needs to Know About Mass Notification

*Saving Water & Energy with Effective Restroom Design

*Operational Excellence for the Data Center Enterprise

*Ensuring Predictable HVACR and Water Heating Energy Use via the AHRI Certification

*FM Complaints: Beyond Fighting Fires

*Leveraging Technology to Design Buildings of the Future

*Data Center Consolidation: A Roadmap

*Portable Cooling for Data Centers and 7x24 Facilities

*Lighting Controls Integration: What Facility Managers Need to Know

*Roof Asset Management: Weathering Extremes, Planning for Improvements

*Optimizing HVAC Efficiency: Strategies for Savings

*Assessing your BAS for Optimal Results

*Big Data Analytics: How Automated HVAC Diagnostics Can Save Time, Money and Energy

*Understanding the Electric Arc Flash Hazard

*Maintenance & Testing Best Practices

*Building Controls: Finding the Right Fit for Your Facility

*A New Sustainable Roofing Certification for FM Professionals

*Leveraging Synergies: Smart, Energy Efficient, Sustainable Buildings

*Achieving accurate energy efficiency ratings with AHRI Certified HVACR and water heating equipment

*Leveraging Equipment Lifecycles: Solving the Maintain vs. Modernize Equation

*Federal Regulations: Lighting Products - What You Need to Know

*Emerging Metrics for Data Centers

*Portable Cooling Specification for Best Results

*EPDM, Defining the Standard for 50 Years

*User Workflow-Focused Workstation Solutions for BACnet Systems

*5 Key Perspectives in Data Center Energy Savings

*Roof Replacement Strategies - When, Why and How

*Optimizing HVAC Performance

*Above the Cloud: How to Come Out on Top and Ahead of the Competition

*Improving Sustainability & Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings


*6 Ways to Optimize Your Electrical Distribution System

*Getting Your Building Ready for Flu Season 2012

*Fire Safety & Fire Protection Systems

*Sustainable Roofs for Long-Term Performance

*Sustainability: Leading Strategies

*Taking Charge of Building Controls

*Codes and Controls

*Predictive Maintenance to Enhance Power Equipment Reliability

*Water Heaters for Commercial System Applications

*Insulation's Changing Role in Roofing

*Green Restrooms: Keys to Conservation in Restrooms

*Sustainable Interiors

*Complying with the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act

*ARC Flash Compliance

*GE EV Charging: Learn why it's important to deploy EV chargers with an integrated software platform

*BACnet and Mobile: Benefits and Best Practices

*Boosting Data Center Efficiency

*Roofing: To Repair or Replace?

*The Facility Manager's Guide to HVAC

*Evaluating LED Lighting Options for your Facility

*Maintaining and Enhancing Reliability with Equipment Upgrade Solutions

*Assessing Risk in Power Equipment and Power Distribution Systems

*HVACR equipment specification made easy: How AHRI Certified Equipment Saves Money and Ensures Promised Efficiency

*Building Control Systems: Improving the Performance of Your Aging Control Systems

*Increasing Building Efficiency Through Lighting Management Technologies and Practices

*Fire Alarm Systems: Critical Considerations for Planning Upgrades and Expansions

*Effective Equipment Rental Strategies

*Portable Cooling Specification for Best Results

*BACnet Made Simple

*Boilers & Water Heaters: Specification and Maintenance for Optimal Efficiency Gains

*Electric Vehicles Are Here. Is Your Business Ready?

*Greening Grounds: Sustainable Strategies for Landscape Management

*Making Data Centers Green and Reliable

*Extending the Life (and Increasing the ROI) of Your Roof

*Automated Building Controls: Maximizing Energy Savings

*HVAC Efficiency: How To Save Energy, Boost Performance and Cut Cost

*Green Products: Separating Fact from Fiction

*Strategies for Effective Snow and Ice Management

*The Economics of Energy Upgrades

*Industry Guidelines and Practices for IT Data Center Infrastructure

*What You Need to Know About Lighting Government Healthcare Facilites: Maximizing your Savings and Preparing for Legislation Changes

*How A Controls Upgrade Can Improve Efficiency

*Work Off Your Energy Waste

*Lighting Renovations for Money and Energy Savings Webcast

*Suspended Ceilings vs Open Plenum: Assessing Life Cycle, Energy and Performance Webcast

*Choosing the Right Lighting System Webcast

*A Strategic Approach to Energy Management Webcast

*Webcast: Is Your Fire Protection System Up to Date - or Out of Date?

*Restroom Retrofits: Boosting Performance Webcast

*From Occupants to Operators: Getting Everyone On-board with Sustainability Webcast

*Saving Energy and Money with Infrared Technology Webcast

*Boilers and Water Heaters: A Roadmap for Efficient, Reliable Operations

*Portable Heating and Cooling Solutions

*Maximizing Your Controls Investment

*The Roof as an Energy-Saving Asset

*HVAC Strategies for Sustainable Energy Savings

*Green Building: The Operations and Maintenance Factor

*Grounds Management: Sustainability Solutions. Successful Strategies for Demanding Landscapes.

*Ensuring Data Center Reliability and Sustainability

*Maximizing Energy with Building Automation

*AHRI Presents - Certified HVAC Products: Helping You See Green

*Roofing Retrofits: Focus On Sustainability

*LEED-EB: A Tool For Achieving Facility Energy Savings

*Achieving Environmental Excellence. How GE Will Get You There

*Lamp Recycling: Facility Options for Successful Strategies

*Green, Lean and Cool: How Metal Building Components Ensure Sustainable Cost Savings.

*The Building Envelope and the Bottom Line: Saving Energy, Boosting Sustainability

*Sustainable Solutions for Boiler Efficiency

*Water Conservation: Upgrades to Save Energy, Money and the Environment

*Equipment Rental: Strategies for Success. A Best Practices Guide for Decision Makers

*Fire Safety Systems: Planning and Justifying Upgrades

*Green Restrooms: Strategies for Sustainability and Savings

*Building Controls and Energy: An Integrated Approach to Cost Savings

*Saving energy, water and the environment with LEED-EB

*Bacnet in your future?

*GE Presents: Your Lighting - The Ultimate Investment in Savings

*The Emerging Role of the Roof in a Sustainable World

*The Role of Controls in Improving HVAC Performance

*Efficiency on the Move: Portable Heating & Cooling

*Saving Energy with Total Light Management

*How Green Data Centers Cut Costs and Raise Reliability

*Automated Building Controls: Maximizing Energy Performance

*Green Cleaning: A Partner in Green Goal Setting

*Sustainable Restroom Solutions: Saving Water, Boosting Performance

*Longer life at a lower cost: How Spray Polyurethane foam decreases a roof's life cycle cost

*Energy-Efficient Lighting Technologies

*Automated Building Controls: Specifications to Boost Energy Efficiency

*The New Market for Alternative Energy

*Data Center Reliability: The Biggest Risks and How to Avoid Them

*Green Restrooms: Sustainable Solutions for Cost and Energy Savings

*Mass Notification Systems: What You Need To Know

*Green Cleaning: A Roadmap for Implementation


Unmotivated Employees: Root Causes and Solutions

Door and Door Hardware Showcase

Green Cleaning and LEED Innovation Credits

Developing Standards For Replacement Products in Existing Buildings

As H1N1 Flu Danger Grows, Hospitals More Prepared For Pandemic, Report Finds

Electrical Safety
Training programs must help technicians identify and prevent workplace hazards

Training Spotlight: CMMS
Proper planning and preparation for training before purchasing a CMMS will benefit end users, the department and the organization

Handling Indoor Air Quality Complaints
Properly addressing IAQ complaints and concerns requires training on common causes and remedies

Inventory Management
Education that helps users maximize the power of a CMMS also enables maintenance departments to take control of storerooms

IAQ and Technology
To select the ‘right’ training for diagnosing IAQ problems, managers must understand IAQ technology, facility operations and technician needs

Education and Training:

American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) 
APPA Institute (The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers)
Appraisal Institute
Association for Facilities Engineering
Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP)
BOMI International
Building Owners And Managers Association International (BOMA)
The Centre For Facilities Management
Cleaning Management Institute
Clemson University Maintenance Seminars
Commercial Real Estate Investment Institute
Environmental Protection Agency
Gabriel Housekeeping Institute
General Services Administration (GSA) Training Programs
Global Strategic Management Institue (GSMI)
Institute of Real Estate Management
International Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO)
International Development Research Council (IDRC)
International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
National Association Of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP)
National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT)
National Fire Protection Association
Northern Illinois University (NIU)
University of California, Davis Continuing and Professional Education (UC Davis Extension)
University of California/San Diego (UCSD) Extension


Online Professional Training
AEC Daily
Cardinus Online Training
Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
International Code Council
JER Group, Inc.
Marylhurst University
New Standard Institute