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January 2017 • Facility Technology Innovations

Track Room Occupancy and Light Changes to Optimize Energy Use

HOBO Occupancy & Light data loggers monitor room occupancy and light changes to determine energy usage and potential savings

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Grasshopper's 126V-61 is perfectly suited for your lifestyle.

The 126V-61 is equipped with a 26-hp Commercial Turf engine and a 61-inch-wide, 5.5-inch-deep cutting deck and easy-to-use QuikAjust™ drop-pin height adjustment.

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Air Cycle
Watch the Bulb Eater® 3 with Intelli Technology® crush lamps!

The Bulb Eater® 3 is an on-site lamp crushing machine that crushes straight fluorescent lamps, u-tubes and CFL's into 100% recyclable material.

Update your Control System Graphics with Custom 3D BAS Graphics - QA Graphics New Symbol Library v5

Create more appealing & realistic BAS/HVAC graphics that realistically represent the mechanical systems in place. SLv5 will differentiate yourself in the BAS industry.

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Still the LEAST EXPENSIVE URINAL to install and operate by Waterless Co.

Reduce you water footprint with payback under two years! For over 25 years, Waterless Co. has helped facilities reduce operating and maintenance costs. #2104 Baja

Air Cycle
Your $2.30 solution with floor drain odors.

No evaporation! Lasts indefinitely! Works in all floor drains in restrooms, kitchens, unused buildings and HVAC traps.

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