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Tool Calculates Savings, Environmental Impact of Energy Recovery Ventilation Technology


Free Airxchange AIRX Estimator for the Environment quickly provides customized savings reports for commercial building owners, engineers, facility managers and contractors ROCKLAND, MA – In support of President Obama’s recent Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution, Airxchange announces AIRX Estimator for the Environment, a free online estimation tool to quickly calculate the positive environmental impact and dramatic energy savings possible when commercial buildings utilize Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) technology. The AIRX Estimator for the Environment helps building owners, energy engineers, facility managers and others quickly quantify the CO2 reduction by energy source for specific buildings by inputting three pieces of information: City location (currently available for the United States and Canada); Number of occupied building hours; Cubic feet per minute (CFM) of outdoor air. For users not aware of a building’s cubic feet per minute of outdoor air, the AIRX Estimator provides a CFM estimator based on ASHRAE Standards. “Within minutes, users are able to determine the positive impact ERV can have on their project and the environment,” said Randall Steele, Airxchange Vice President and General Manager. “As an ambassador for energy efficient buildings, we encourage engineers, facility managers, contractors and commercial real estate owners to take advantage of this free tool to see the benefits of ERV as an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, cost-reducing component of HVAC systems.” Airxchange also provides AIRX calculators for DX systems, central plant systems and electric heat systems, available online at “The constant rise in energy costs is leading to an upward trend in green building. ERV provides practical and cost-efficient outdoor air ventilation,” said Steele. “Most companies, whether in warmer or cooler climates, have a payback period between instantaneous to just two years in most ERV applications.” Airxchange energy recovery wheels enable ERV systems to provide fresh outdoor air at 1/3 the cost of conventional systems and increases HVAC efficiency up to 40 percent. The improved dehumidification and humidification performance reduces indoor air pollution, improving the health and productivity of building occupants. About Airxchange An industry leader since 1980 with more than 200,000 installations, Airxchange is advancing ERV technology to bridge the gap between healthy indoor environments and energy consumption. Its patented energy recovery wheel technology reduces energy requirements for conditioning outdoor air by up to 80 percent and is available from most HVAC manufacturers in a variety of configurations. Airxchange technology can be found in wide use in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial applications.

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