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REV Adjustable Ceiling Diffuser for Office Spaces from REV HVAC


The fully adjustable REV Diffuser solves the most common HVAC-related comfort problem: ventilation and air conditioning drafts!

Each round sector can independently rotate 360-degrees to redirect airflow in any direction, letting technicians and air balancers avoid specific people and objects without affecting other people around the same diffuser. This innovative design represents a breakthrough in air diffusion technology. The unanimous reaction to our REV Diffuser is: FINALLY A SOLUTION THAT REALLY WORKS!

 REV Adjustable Ceiling Diffuser

Thanks to the REV Diffuser, it is now possible to solve air draft problems once and for all, without creating new ones in the process. The REV Diffuser is easy to adjust and can replace most diffusers already installed in existing buildings. REV is ideal for offices, schools, restaurants, stores and other commercial buildings.

Unanimously acclaimed by Facility Managers, Building Operators, Technicians and Occupants, the REV Diffuser is simply the most efficient solution to common air draft problems.

Benefits and Features

  • Quickly and efficiently solves Thermal Comfort and Air Draft Problems
  • Helps reducing operations and maintenance cost
  • Helps improving employees productivity
  • Amazing Return on Investment
  • One size fits all
  • R6 insulated back
  • Integral anti-seismic tabs
  • Recommended for 150 – 400 cfm