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1. MRO Storeroom Management

This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip is effective MRO storeroom management.

For the MRO purchasing function to be efficient and effective for ordering parts, standard storeroom elements must be in place to provide the essential groundwork. That foundation includes the following elements:

*First, an effective computerized maintenance management system, or CMMS. The software has an inventory module with bar-code capability to handle and process all MRO-parts tracking functions.

*Second, an MRO-parts storeroom should be clean, organized, labeled, well stocked, and well run.

*Third, restricted access. Managers know parts in the storeroom keep facilities equipment operational and productive. Storeroom security ensures parts required for maintenance are available when needed.

*Fourth, parts accountability. No technician should be able to simply walk in and out with items they need. Storeroom operators must account for and track every part that comes into and goes out of the storeroom.

*And finally, a trained operator, clerk or attendant. The operator manages all aspects of storeroom operations and communicates well with the purchasing and maintenance departments.


inventory management , MRO storerooms , CMMS

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