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June Innovative Products: LEDs

June 2013 - Lighting

Products Recessed Luminaire
Juno Lighting Group
Indy Architectural Recessed luminaires are available...  more»

Products Under-Cabinet Fixture
Light Corp.
Reed Premier under-cabinet LED fixtures are available in 19- and 37-inch lengths...  more»

Products High Bay Fixture
Cooper Lighting
HB LED fixtures are designed for use in most common high bay applications...  more»

Products LED Lamps
Titan LED Inc.
Titan LED 4-foot tubes produce 1,850 lumens...  more»

Products Luminaire
GE Lighting
Lumination suspended LED panels provide both uplight and downlight distribution...  more»

Products M16 Reflector Lamp
Osram Sylvania
Parathom M16 reflector lamps are dimmable...  more»

Products Lay-In Troffer
ATG Electronics Corp.
iBright flat LED panel is a lay-in troffer fixture...  more»

Products Downlight
Philips Lighting
Fortimo LED downlight module is equipped with a remote phosphor technology...  more»

Products Luminaires
EYE Lighting International of North America
Aphos LED luminaires are available in wall, ceiling, and roadway models...  more»

Products Organic LEDs
Winona Lighting
Trilia organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)...  more»

Products High Bay Luminaire
Lithonia Lighting
I-Beam LED high bay luminaire is designed for one-for-one replacement...  more»

Products Retrofit Sockets
Seesmart Inc.
Universal Tombstone Sets are designed for LED retrofit applications...  more»


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