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Product Showcase: HVAC

By Casey Laughman, Managing Editor September 2011 - HVAC

Products Bearing Protection Ring
Electro Static Technology (AEGIS)
SGR protection ring channels electrical current away from motor bearings...  more»

Products Rooftop Package Unit
Rooftop ventilation unit conditions and controls any mixture of outdoor and return air...  more»

Products Package Terminal Air Conditioner
Friedrich Air Conditioning Co.
Packaged terminal air conditioner features indoor and outdoor motors...  more»

Products Energy Recovery Wheel
Field-assembled energy recovery wheel cassettes are cut into halves or quarters...  more»

Products Package HVAC Unit
Rheem Water Heating
Gas/electric and air conditioning package units are available in sizes ranging from six to 20 tons...  more»

Products Condensing Boiler
The Fulton Companies
Condensing boiler can use B-100 biodiesel and ultra-low sulfur heating oils...  more»

Products CO2 Sensor
Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
CO2 room units offer temperature, relative humidity and CO2 readings...  more»

Products Heat Pump
ClimateMaster Inc.
TMW high efficiency water-to-water series is available in 30- and 50-ton sizes...  more»

Products Screw Compressor
CSW screw compressors are designed to replace screw or reciprocating model compressors...  more»

Products Cooling Tower Cleaning
Goodway Technologies Corp.
CTV-1501 TowerVac removes cooling tower bacteria and micro-organisms...  more»

Products Thermal Imager
testo Inc.
Thermal imagers feature sensitivity of less than 80 millikelvin...  more»

Products Water Pumps
Bell & Gossett/ITT
Submersible water pumps include a self-cleaning impeller and casing...  more»

Products Boilers
Aerco International Inc.
Boiler line has been expanded to include 750MBH and 1,000MBH models...  more»

Products Diffuser
EOS is a solar-powered diffuser that automatically adjusts to horizontal or ...  more»

Products Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner
MovinCool/DENSO Sales California Inc.
CMW30 water-cooled, ceiling-mount air conditioner is 20 inches high...  more»

Portable Cooling
Atlas Sales & Rentals
The company provides portable cooling systems in 1- to 5-ton sizes...  more»

Products Boiler
Ultra commercial boilers are available in 550 and 750 MBH...  more»

Plant Controller
Honeywell International
Excel 800 controller has double the memory of the Excel 500 controller...  more»

Products Cooling Unit Rental
Trane Rental Services
The company offers cooling units for temporary applications ranging from 10 ton to 1,000 ton cooling units...  more»

Products Fan
Rite-Hite Corp.
Revolution fans have four blades, as opposed to six or 10...  more»

Products Thermal Imager
Fluke Corp.
P3 series thermal imagers offer 240 by 180 resolution and high-definition display...  more»

UVC Emitter
Steril-Aire Inc.
UVC kit for 61-inch emitters is designed for medium and large indoor air handler units...  more»

Products Coil-Circuit Installation Kits
Victaulic Co.
KOIL-KIT coil packs are customizable, preassembled coil-circuit installation kits...  more»

Products Air Handler
McQuay International
Vision indoor air handlers are in side-by-side arrangement with options...  more»

Products Air Handler
Mammoth Inc.
V-Cube Slim air handler can be disassembled into sections that fit through a standard 3-foot door...  more»

Multi-Zone Air Conditioning
Quietside Corp.
The Samsung Free Joint Multi allows two, three or four zones...  more»

Computer Room Air Conditioner
Data Aire Inc.
GForce chilled water units are available in 7 to 176 nominal kilowatt configurations...  more»

Products Heat Pump
Mitsubishi Electric
Y-Series outdoor heat pump is available in 208/230 volt...  more»

Products Packaged Ventilation
Modine Manufacturing Co.
Atherion packaged ventilation system is available in cooling capacities of 15, 20, 26 and 30 tons...  more»

Products Screw Chiller
Johnson Controls Inc.
YORK YVAA air-cooled variable-speed screw chiller does not require a cooling tower...  more»


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