4  FM quick reads on Energy efficiency

1. Energy-saving Initiatives? Make Sure People Know

Today’s tip is about how you can get your much-deserved recognition from building occupants, tenants, visitors and, most importantly, the C-suite, for energy efficiency projects. Many companies, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and developers in multitenant facilities are now using an in-lobby dashboard that is hooked directly into the facility’s building automation or metering system to show real-time energy, water and carbon emissions data. The dashboard also can show energy saved by particular energy efficiency technologies like lighting, as well as real-time data of energy being produced by onsite renewable energy strategies like wind or solar. Greenhouse gas emissions, both in terms of real-time emissions, as well as emissions avoided by particular strategies in the building can also be displayed. All of this is done on a touch screen graphical interface that is simple and fun to navigate. Additionally, this can all be put on the Web, so remote users (and journalists!) can see what exactly is going on at a building at any given time. Experts in the industry always say how important it is for facility executives to communicate with occupants or tenants about green building and energy efficiency initiatives. Not only do these dashboards provide an automated and graphically hip way to explain energy efficiency initiatives, they also are a great educational tool to teach occupants and tenants about energy and water efficiency.


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