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J.A. Sexauer Inc.

company website

P.O. Box 1000
Scarsdale, NY  10602
Phone:  800-431-1872
Fax:  888-739-2837

J.A. Sexauer Inc. manufactures/services/distributes these product types:

    Fire Detectors

    Plumbing Fixtures

    Plumbing Accessories

    Faucets (Manual)

    Faucets (Electronic)

    Flush Valves (Automatic)

    Flush Valves (Manual)

    Sinks (Built-in)

    Sinks (Free-standing)

    Toilets & Urinals (Sensor-Operated)

    Urinals (Water Using)


    Water Fountains (Without Chiller)

    Water Fountains (With Chiller)

    Water Flow Restrictors

    Boiler Alarms

    Monitors & Sensors

    Radiator Traps

    Controls (Heating)

    Controls (Fan)

    Toilet and Shower Partitions


    Hand Dryers

    Guards (Corner or Wall)

    Fixtures (Metal Halide)

    Controls (Dimming)

    Emergency Lighting

    Lamps (Halogen)

    Lamps (Fluorescent, Regular)

    Lamps (Fluorescent, Compact)

    Fixtures (Mercury Vapor)

    Fixtures (Incandescent)

    Ballasts (Emergency)

    Fixtures (High-, Low-Pressure Sodium)

    Ballasts (Electronic)

    Fixtures (Halogen)

    Ballasts (Dimming)

    Fixtures (Fluorescent)

    Exit Signs

    Controls (Other)

    Controls (Programmable) {Lighting}

    Lamps (Metal Halide)

    Lamps (Mercury Vapor)

    Controls (Occupancy Sensors)

    Lamps (Incandescent)


    Lamps (High-, Low-Pressure Sodium)

    Ballasts (Metal Halide)

    Fixtures (Vandal Resistant)

    Smoking Receptacles & Urns

    Drain/Sewer Cleaning Equipment


    Pavement Repair

    Refrigerant Charging Equipment

    Bird & Pest Control Products

    Paper (Toilet Tissue)

    Paper (Hand Towels)

    Paper (Facial Tissue)

    Caulks & Sealants {Interior}

    Snow Removal Equipment

    Communication Systems & Products

    Circuit Breakers

    Smoke Detectors

    Fire Extinguishers

    Locks (Mechanical)

    Locks (Electromagnetic)

    Doorknob Lever Adapters

    Door Operators

    Door Hinges

    Door Gasketing

    Door Closers

    Heaters (Electric)

    Refrigerant Reclamation Systems


    Urinals (Water Using)


    Water/Drinking Fountains

    Water Flow Restrictors

    Faucets (Manual)

    Faucets (Electronic)

    Flush Valves (Manual)

    Flush Valves (Electronic)